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why rent?

Why should I rent a truck?

Here at Compass Truck Rental, we want to be your number one asset. We can help your company navigate through the many challenges it takes to run a successful business.

Our fleet

The best equipment

Our fleet consist of brand new Cascadia Freightliners (2015 and 2016). All trucks are in excellent condition and they are ready 24/7 to serve your business needs.

Our mission

We will navigate you to success

Compass is known to be a One-Stop-Shop for all of your transportation needs. When you are running a transportation business you understand what Compass can do for you.

who we are

At Compass Truck Rental we understand the changing face of our Industry. We do not deny anyone the chance to rent a truck, no matter how small your business operation is, or how long you have been in business. We are here to help your company navigate to success.

why us?

After 23 years being succesiful in the trucking insdustry, we can say we know a thing or two about how to help your business grow and succeed. After all Compass is all about that. With all of the services we offer to our customers we will help you navigate you and your business to success. Everything is under one roof. We build relatshionships that last a life time. Thousands of happy customers are returning to get a new truck, to insure it, to get cash so they can expand their business even more. 

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your "new" truck

When we say "new" we mean "like a new". Compass Truck Sales specializes in sale of pre-owned commercial trucks and it's among the truck sale leaders in Chicago. We also have dealership locations in Dallas, TX, Bloomington, CA and soon we will have an exclusive sale salon in Indiana. If you are looking to buy a truck for your business, Compass is the right place for you. Visit their website and choose your new truck.



for trucking

The most helpful detail for every business is their cash flow. Your customers will not pay you right away, but you have to pay your bills and your drivers by the end of this week. Compass Funding Solutions will take that burden off your back. We will take care of your account receivables, you take care of your business.


trailer leasing

dry van, flatbed, reffers

We can help with all your transportation needs. Our fleet of rental trailers are ready for you. At Compass Lease we understand the changing face of our Industry. We do not deny anyone the chance to lease a trailer, no matter how small, or how long you have been in business. We are here to help you expand your operation from the ground up!